2014 / Bird Lab

Bird's as inspiration for art and science
Bird Lab" focused on the inspiration birds gives to humankind. Through birds looks, moves, sounds and not the least, their migration over the globe. Six artists took part in Bird Lab, exploring and expressing their connection towards birds in different ways.

To get and to give inspiration
At their arrival to The Aviand Kingdom study visits were arranged to spark the artists inspiration. In return they shared their inspiration to the public through Open Studios and exhibitions but also by meeting the schoolchildren in Harlösa. The two Bird Lab periods worked as pilot projects to try out how to combine art and nature interpretation in The Avian Kingdom towards children in a wide span of ages.

Alexa Thomson

Stefanie Robinson    http://stefanierobinson.wordpress.com
Birdnests in various materials

MeiYu Chen    http://hsnubc.wix.com/chenmeiyu
Animation - see it here

Marika Drolet-Ferguson  http://marikadf.com/fran-land

Mathieu Boucher Côté http://issuu.com/mathieuboucher/docs/bird
Architectural sketches for a visitor center in the Avian Kingdom

Julia Forrest  www.JuliaForrest.com