Art, Ecology & Science

ARNA's residency is situated in the Avian Kingdom, the core area for a future UNESCO biosphere reserve in Vombsjösänkan, Sweden.

In the ARNA-project Art, Ecology & Science we explored the possible connection points between the old and rural history of the landscape and the new science facilities for material studies that now is built up on the border to the city of Lund. The theme 'Perpective by details' was chosen for the project to describe how sustainability is formed by the layers of many different knowledges.

For a sustainable development we need curious people, from artists and scientists to children, to explore the connection points between different knowledges, as in Art, Ecology & Science, and to find new paths for cooperations for development.

Work in progress presentations and short films at ARNA's youtube channel Read the Art, Ecology & Science publication

More videos at Anna Glynn's website

Anna Glynn and Peter Dalmazzo with farmer Håkan Olsson

Test station at MAX IV

Children explore the theme Perspective through details

Photos by participating children

iMeeting at MAX IV. Ana Labrador, Emelie Hilner, Kerstin Jakobsson, Laura Lio, Loek van Vliet, Ninette Koning and Karina Thånell.

Visual Arts students visiting ARNA