ARNA's residency house

All seasons have their beauty, when you are living close to nature

Please be welcome to ask any questions, but read through following information first

About the ARNA-house
ARNA rent a two-floor house for our residents; projectbound or paying guests. The ARNA-house is situated just outside the village and has a big garden. There is only 400 meter to the village supermarket and the bus stop. The house is owned by an artist that now live in his earlier studio-house in the end of the garden.

Downstairs the house has a kitchen and a 40 m2 big room. The big room is used as a shared studiospace.

Upstairs you find the bathroom, three bedrooms and a working area. All bedrooms have writing tables.

Kitchen, bathrooms and laundry facilities are shared by the residents. The house is suitable for up to 6 people. Internet through Wifi is for free. Linen and towels will be provided.

There are two studio-houses in the garden, each 15 m2.

All cleaning and washing during the stay are to be done by the residents. The ”departure cleaning” costs 600 SEK. The cost is shared by the residents. We will make a visit to check status before your departure.

Living expenses during a stay
As all residents do their own cooking during the stay at ARNA and most residents don't use very much money. 100 SEK/day will be doable for living expences. If using the 'Big Mac' index as a help to compare costs between different countries, a Big Mac Menue in Sweden cost around 65 SEK. A bus ride to Lund and back costs 110 SEK.

The settings around ARNA
ARNA is situated in Harlösa, a small village with 850 inhabitants. People here are very positive to the residency, and you will be met with friendly curiosity. In the village is a small but good supermarket, a public library, a hairdresser and a pizza restaurant. There are bikes at the residency to borrow for daytrips in The Avian Kingdom. For longer trips it is possible to rent a car in the village. A couple of well known hiking trails passes Harlösa of which one is a pilgrim trail. Buses to nearest town (Lund, distance 25 km) departs 10 times a days during weekdays. During the weekends we don't recommend any bus trips as you have to order a shared taxi.

Most residents arrives to Copenhagen International called Kastrup (CPH). This is actually Denmark, but closest to ARNA. There is also a local airport Malmoe Airport (MMX) with European cheap airline connections. We want the residents to buy flights with arrival to Copenhagen no later than 7:00 in the evening and departure not earlier than 10:00 in the morning.

Pickup in Lund
At arrival we pick you up at the trainstation in Lund. If you arrive to Copenhagen's airport the train station is under the arrival hall. "Öresundstågen" go over the bridge to Sweden and to Lund. The trains departs every 20 minute from Copenhagen airport. Less often during evenings and weekends. The train will take 50 minutes to Lund. From Lund to Harlösa it will take 25 minutes with car.