Application - as simple as an email

Send us an email with the required information as asked for below.

Email address for applications -

As subject of your application email - write the name of the residency period/project you are applying for.

Application text - Copy and paste the questions below into your email and answer them as follow.

Your name? (first name and family name)

Date of birth? (date/month/year)




Media or science you prefer to work in?
(ex. painting, photo, mixed media, music, writing, performance, dance, science etc)

Do you have a degree in something, if so, in what?

Why do you want to come?
What do you hope to do/work with during your stay?

A link to your website - preferably a direct link to your CV
If you don't have a website - write a short CV instead.

Attach five photos/samples of work in jpg.
If music files or video include direct links to youtube, Soundcloud etc.
Please Do Not attach files over 5 mb!

If you would like to apply together with a partner or a friend - send us two separate applications. Just write out who you want to share the experience with, also if you are partners in the way that you want to share bedroom.

Questions to ask? Please be welcome to email us...

We use the information in the applications for our own statistics so we can apply for financial support for artists. As examples, we can tell that ARNA has invited artists in the ages between 21 and 73. We have had more women than men (as more women apply) and we have invited artists that don't have any formal education and artists that have been working as professors for decades. We hope to see your application too!

Welcome to send us your application!

Don't forget to write for which residency project you apply.