Art, Ecology & Science

ARNA's residency is situated in the south of Sweden in the village Harlösa and in the center of a future UNESCO biosphere reserve named Vombsjösänkan. From the outlook just outside Harlösa you can see most of the many nature preserves in the long valley. The landscape is formed by the last 11.500 years, after the ice age and the hundreds of generations that lived here since then.

At the outlook you see to the right the university city of Lund and the science facility MAX IV, 20 km away. In the other direction you see no towns or villages but lakes, wetlands, fields and forests. With the urban needs of the fast growing Greater Copenhagen area in one direction and the natural resources and few inhabitants in the other, the view also tell the tale of ecological, economical and social dimensions of development through time in the area. At ARNA  we connect our work to this frontline between urban and rural sustainability through the cultural dimension. Since 2011 we invite artists to explore the area together with us and other citizens, as for its nature, history and future.

The ARNA-project Art, Ecology & Science is an important part of this curious exploration of the area Vombsjösänkan, from science to visions, through the theme 'Perspective through details'. The explororation goes hand in hand with a sharing process, from artists and filmmakers sharing working methods to inspire children, to scientists at MAX IV sharing how the brightest X-ray source in the world also is part of aims for a sustainable development.

The theme 'Perpective by details' is chosen to describe how sustainability is formed by the layers of many different knowledges. Curious people, from artists and scientists to children, are those who are needed to take the lead. We are exited to have seventyfive children and the following experienced artists involved in the project:

Anna Glynn and Peter Dalmazzo
Laura Lio
Loek van Vliet
Ninette Koning  

Welcome to the international photo- and filmfestival Art & Ecology Saturday the 201th of October