ARNA - where art meets nature

ARNA is a nonprofit organsation in Sweden. We work through the Culture Dimension of sustainability in the The Avian Kingdom. Our vision for the area is for it to become the world's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to include the Culture Dimension of sustainability in its foundation.

We are proud to have got prizes for our work within the fields of art, environment and heritage. In the center of our work we place our artist in residence, a hub for artists from around the world to explore and express human's relationships towards nature and to unfold culture's role in a sustainable development.

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We thank the following organisations for their support 2017
Eslövs kommun - the Culture prize of the year
Kultur Skåne - the art project Birds Upside down
Business Skåne - Skåne Innovation week
Postkodlotteriets Kulturstiftelse - the project Kulturlager
Löberöds församling - give musicians the possiblity to rehears in the church of Harlösa
Naturvårdsverket - the project Allemansrätten genom Land Art
Sparbankstiftelsen Färs & Frosta - support to Accommodation Grants for artists and entrepreneurship.
Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn - support to Accommodation Grants for artists.

We also thank for all wonderful support ARNA get, from individuals, non profit organisation and municipalities in The Avian Kingdom.

Member of Resartis
world wide network
of artist residencies